Fire Safety Doors

Bespoke Doors offers a wide selection of outdoor fireproof doors, as well as fire door ironmongery and accessories, in a variety of fire-resistant specifications, including 30-minute (FD30s) and 60-minute (FD60s) fire ratings (‘S’ signifies smoke-stopping capabilities). We can meet all of your fire door requirements. All of our fire doors are British Standard approved.

Starting price is £900

Why fireproof doors?

Buildings are split into compartments to prevent a fire from spreading from one area to another. These compartments are usually connected by fireproof doors to assist traffic movement across the building. In an emergency, fireproof doors serve two purposes: while closed, they act as a fire barrier, and when opened, they give a method of escape.

A well-designed timber fireproof door will slow the spread of fire and smoke while allowing people and things to move around freely.

Therefore, every fireproof door must operate as a barrier to the flow of smoke and fire to varying degrees, based on its placement in the structure and the fire threats present.

Many of our clients are concerned about fire safety, and having fireproof doors may be a must-have for landlords and company owners alike. However, a fire door is more than simply a checkbox; it is critical in preserving buildings, livelihoods, and, of course, lives. 

Glazing that resists fire

A glazed screen for optimal light transmission and safety can range from a small view panel in a door to a glazed door. When ordinary glass is subjected to heat, it splits and falls out quickly in a fire. Fire-resistant glass can endure the heat for at least 60 minutes before reaching a temperature high enough to soften it in a fire test. Since with clear FR glazing, over half of the incident heat is radiated through the glass.

Examine the Facts

Our composite fireproof doors have been tested to resist fire exposure on both sides and have received a ‘pass’ rating. The graphic depicts the test results at 30 minutes and 8 seconds, demonstrating that they met the minimum objective. All composite fire doors met the minimum performance requirement of 39 minutes. 

Consistency in Results

Our fireproof door systems may include a concealed closing device positioned within the door frame. Because these door sets are needed to be locked in the event of a fire, performance levels are still excellent when closed.

Why Should You Purchase From Bespoke?

Our composite fireproof doors are strong, long-lasting, and stylish. They also come with a guarantee and are custom-made to fit your needs. Our double fire and front fire doors include self-closing fireproof door hinges.

In case of queries about our fireproof doors, please contact us. We can help you select the ideal door for your house, whether it’s flat entrance fireproof doors or fire resistant front doors.

Choosing a fireproof door may be a difficult decision, but our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be pleased to assist you along the process, ensuring that you have the best possible advice and the right fire door for your requirements.

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