People are always concerned about fire safety, and fitting fire doors are necessary for landlords and company owners. Our exceptional and attractive fireproof doors may be yours in two or three days.On the other hand, a fire door is more than a checkmark; it is vital in preserving buildings, livelihoods, and lives. This site’s fire door regulation blogs offer practical assistance and recommendations.The doors are fireproof for 30 minutes. The FD30 Lotus 1 Fireproof door sets are supposed to be easy to clean without sacrificing quality, always fashionable, and have the bonus of being the best doors you can purchase. 

Regular glass breaks and falls out fast when exposed to heat in a fire. Even though more than half of the incident heat is expelled via clear FR glazing, fire-resistant glass can tolerate heat for at least 60 minutes before reaching a temperature high enough to soften it in a fire test.A glazing panel can vary from a modest view panel in a door to a glazed door for best light transmission and safety.

Price Range: Starts from £900

Door Name FD30 Lotus 1
Frame Breadth Overall Width 791mm to 982mm

Overall Height 1965mm to 2075mm

Locks Option 1 Winkhaus AV2

Option 2 Winkhaus AV2 Electric

Option 3 Winkhaus 3

Handles Option 1 Palladio Lever/Lever

Option 2 Palladio Lever/Pad


Lotus 1 Fireproof door has been tested for fire and smoke and has been proven to hold flames at bay for more than 30 minutes. The weather performance of the system has been successfully demonstrated to the standard.


Bespoke’s fireproof doors have been subjected to rigorous testing and are designed to survive raging fires for as long as feasible. They allow structures to divide and delay fire spread from one region to another.

Time For Delivery

Bespoke’s expert courier delivers all of our doors and frames, with a lead time of 4-6 weeks from the date of order. We’ll call you once your door is ready to ship to set up a delivery date and time.

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