After a lot of time of intensive testing and substantial product development, we now provide FD30 Carmarque Solid fireproof doors to the residential, new build, and social housing sectors.For a set period, our fireproof FD30 doors inhibit the spread of fire. They’re made of materials that can survive fire for up to 30 minutes. Every edge of a fireproof door or fire door frame is equipped with intumescent strips in a groove.

When a fire starts, the heat expands the intumescent strips, filling the space between the fire door and the frame. For a limited period, this shuts the room and prevents the spread of fire.Since a fireproof door will only operate if it is closed when the fire starts, you should always ensure that your fireproof door has an automated entry closer and a sign identifying it as a fire door.

Price Range: Starts from £900

Door name FD30 Carmarque Solid
Frame breadth Overall Width 791mm to 982mm

Overall Height 1965mm to 2075mm

Lever Option 1 Winkhaus AV2

Option 2 Winkhaus AV2 Electric

Option 3 Winkhaus 3

Handles Option 1 Palladio Lever/Lever

Option 2 Palladio Lever/Pad

Testing and evaluation

The period for which a passive fire protection system can endure a fire-resistance test is known as the fire-resistance rating. It is most commonly used to indicate the passage of time. Our Fire ratings can range from 30 minutes to an hour, allowing you adequate time to call for help or escape.


In certain cases, such as in dormitory facilities, fire doors appear to have quite big openings at their foot, perhaps an inch or two, enabling air to get through. It may cause building occupants to doubt their position as real fire doors. Bespoke strongly believes in quality and customer happiness.

Purpose of Fireproof door

Our fireproof door’s primary goal is to preserve lives and halt the spread of fire to aid evacuating inhabitants and firefighting efforts.They are a vital component of a building’s passive fire prevention system and are required in most structures, including residential, public, office, and manufacturing facilities.


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