Our FD30 Aruba 1 fireproof doors are now available from Bespoke. It’s dual-certified, has minimal maintenance, and can resist fire exposure from both sides to get a ‘pass’ rating.All fireproof doors passed with a minimum of 30 minutes of performance. Aruba 1 is a fireproof door that you may use in residential, new construction, and communal housing.

Bespoke’s fireproof door is a door or roller cover that we create with the best fire-resistant materials available. The FD30 Aruba 1 door can resist fires for 30 minutes, providing emergency personnel ample time to extinguish the flames and save your home.It implies that it can safeguard your house or business not just against flames but also from burglars and other possible dangers.

The FD30 Aruba 1 fireproof door is evaluated independently for its resistance threshold and capacity to withstand fire and severe temperatures.In the event of a fire, a fireproof door allows for speedy and effective evacuation of the residents. It can reduce the amount of harm done to the property.

Price Range: Starts from £900

Door name FD30 Aruba 1
Frame Breadth Overall Width 791mm to 982mm

Overall Height 1965mm to 2075mm

Locks Option 1 Winkhaus AV2

Option 2 Winkhaus AV2 Electric

Option 3 Winkhaus 3

Handles Option 1 Palladio Lever/Lever

Option 2 Palladio Lever/Pad


Bespoke’s FD30 fireproof door designs are both aesthetically beautiful. Our collection of UK-made fire doors is built to last, combining great appearance with strength, security, and fire resistance.


We inspect Fireproof doors very keenly since they are important in saving lives. The durability is likely to be determined by several factors, including the door’s age and condition and use.

Prevent Fire for 30 minutes

It will aid with preventing the fire from spreading by limiting it, as well as the smoke and poisonous fumes released, to a single location. The characteristic of a fire-rated door is that it is resistant and sturdy.

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